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POEMAS EN INGLES DICIEMBRE 2005, Autora Alicia Silvestre.

You know my wildest long.
This song flies over the breeze
to whisper my untaken perils.

My voice searches forbidden clues,
magical keys, to touch you.
My words look for a better choice,
some liquid gold, to reach you.

With open heart, with broken wings
my passion, though, is riding.

Slowly then, strongly now
to fluently caress you.

This song is for the fingers born
to play my soul and sing it,
’cause seldom seen is soon forgotten,
and out of sight means out of mind ,
but sung, I’ll be ever lasting.

Through the smoke of the bar
I saw enter the shape
of her "velveteen" glamorous heart.
Likea queen, like an ace,
like a diamond on ice
was her pace clear and cold and pure lust.
I strummed blindly the strings
catching the invisible kiss
of our eyes.
A gambler knows at first sight
if the cards will betray him.
Yet, cards are just a game, you may loose,
but life is not a game. I chose death.
Yes, this time, drunk with desire
I forgot my name, I dreamt an empire.
Should the harvest come, find me there:
where my diamond lays down for a rest.

On her red pair of boots every step
seems to open a mouth, mouth of hell.
In the pockets of her coat
there are weapons, rings, dead leaves.
She walks faster than time,
she reads deeper than lines
and she knows no meaning for distance.
The playful sparkle in her eyes
sets dreams in every corner.
Red-haired woman possesses well
the treasury and hidden power.
And then the hill is never far,
it’s never too steep.
She walks faster than time,
she reads deeper than lines
and she knows no meaning for distance.
Would the lake be frozen and harsh
her wish will melt it away.
She rides faster than passion horses
and leaves behind no traces.
She doesn’t look back for stained mirrors
she knows they muddy memories bring.
She walks faster than time,
she reads deeper than lines
and she knows no meaning for distance.
The dirty river turns all blue
under the spell of her bare toe.
The golden sunset lights explode
in flames when her happiness bursts.
She walks faster than time,
she reads the deepest line
and she knows no meaning for distance.
10/02/2006 16:24 aliciasilvestre #. poemas

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